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As some of you noticed, IPBfree is gone. We’ve lost our former forum (Manga Abyss’), and another forum that we had made for the staffers only, which contained all our ongoing work… Since there was no notice from IPBfree, we’ve lost everything *runs out crying*
But well, as we don’t want to waste everything we’ve done up till now, we are making a new staff forum. To our staffers who are not on skype and don’t know about the new forum address:

I hope we’re going to be back in the tracks soon and be able to resume releasing.


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Here is a new chapter of Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai! We hope you will enjoy =3
I can’t come up with anything else to say, I’m literally liquefying with the heat… The summer took some time to arrive but now, it really is here!

Boku kara – ch10


Hello everyone,

If you haven’t heard about the “multi-national manga anti-piracy coalition” yet, then go read this article: MULTI-NATIONAL MANGA ANTI-PIRACY COALITION FORMED. For now we will wait and see, hoping we are not among the targets since we are not profitting of our work in any way and not translating any licensed series…

Another sad news is the disbanding of Nagareboshi Manga. Today we are releasing our last joint chapter of KanoUso, but don’t worry as we will continue this awesome series on our own. I want to thank Ai and her staff from Nagareboshi for all the work we did together!

KanoUso – ch6


Hello, this is Zeppy~

Hope everyone is having/had a nice week-end ! =3
To make it even nicer, here are two shoujo releases : Koi Suta’s 5th chapter and a cute oneshot by Aikawa Saki (Secret Kiss and Boku kara’s mangaka) titled Houkago Sensei to Koi ni Ochiru (She falls in love with a teacher after school). Have you noticed that Aikawa Saki seems to be really into teacherxstudent relationships ? XD It’s the main subject for this oneshot and Secret Kiss, and in Boku kara the girl is originally in love with her teacher as well…!

By the way, that Houkago oneshot has been published in a compilations of oneshots that we will also scanlate.

I hope you will enjoy today’s releases! =3

Houkago Sensei to Koi ni Ochiru – Oneshot
Koi Suta – ch5

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Hi guys! This is Mai. Remember me?

I just figured out how to work our new website (haha – I needed help). Now I can add another release!

This is our second to last release with An Endless Story. Their group is closing. How sad. We’re going to miss them! Hokkaido Hub will continue Sensei to Watashi alone though, so don’t you readers worry about that. You can visit their site here but I’m not sure how long it will be up or active.

Well then, on to the release!

Sensei to Watashi – vol1 – ch4



Welcome to Hokkaido Hub’s website!
HH is the new scanlation group that is the result of Manga Abyss’ makeover… We’ve decided to totally reforge our group as we, once again, “lost” an admin. We felt that we were dragging a lot of inactive staffers along and also projects that no one was interested to work on… With this new group, our goal is to be more efficient, concentrate on the projects we like to release them faster!

So here comes Hokkaido Hub, with the projects we love and dedicated staffers! Visit our projects page to check out the active and upcoming/future projects =3
Also, from now on you will find everything on this website, as we decided not to keep a public forum. MA’s forum was a lot of work, yet barely active… You will find all the download links in the projects page and you can comment directly on the website as well.

And now the part that will interest you the most ;D
Here are a few releases to celebrate Hokkaido Hub’s birth day:

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru – vol2 – ch5, a joint with Nagareboshi Manga
Bokutachi wa shitte shimatta – vol5 – ch17
Alice in Wonderland – vol1 – ch2
Pin to Kona – vol1 – ch1, a new series by our beloved Shimaki Ako sensei!

Have a good day everyone~
HH’s staff

PS : there are still some things being worked on on the website… For some reason the comments won’t work on the other pages °-° Please be patient! XS